Font Information

Snatch is a dynamic and expressive type system designed for impassioned and unprejudiced creative directors who look to combine the rough with the sexy. The font is well-suited for publishing projects, branding and packaging.

Snatch is composed of three sections: a group of sharp-shaped uppercase fonts (small caps and all caps) in 5 weights, a set of script catchwords and eclectic sets of dingbats and flags that communicate the blue-sky thinking and feel of the project.

Snatch—a collaborative project between Bercz and Latinotype Team—is the wild, condensed sister of BOWIE and it was developed by Valentina Vega, Rodrigo Fuenzalida and César Araya, under the supervision of Dany Berczeller, Daniel Hernández y Luciano Vergara.

The family consists of 5 weights, ranging from Thin to Black, and comes with a 679-character set that supports 206 languages.

Designed by Latinotype Team, César Araya, Bercz Studio, Rodrigo Fuenzalida