Font Information

Versina is a display typeface with a unique and expressive yet moderate personality resulted from its organic elegant shapes which are inspired by Spanish transitional typefaces from the 18th century. This font is perfectly suitable for both titles and short text.

Versina features a flowing organic stroke and asymmetric bracketed serifs, and its shapes convey rhythm and dynamism. The font has a large x-height and its ascenders are shorter than the cap height, making it look more slender and modern. Calligraphic and crescent-like terminals give the design great formal richness.

Versina comes in 5 weights with matching italics plus a set of ornaments, in Regular and Black styles, and also includes old style/lining/tabular figures, fractions, superscripts and subscripts as well as a set of small caps, standard ligatures, historical ligatures, symbols and frames. Versina contains a set of 694 characters that support over 200 Latin-based languages.

Versina is designed by Dani Senso