The new year offerings include creations by William McChesney, Jonathan Hill, Josep Patau, Fabio Luiz Haag and Comicraft, as well as a vector EPS set from Pongsatorn Smithinian. Our friends at CarType showcase the "Hurts" t-shirt, and we get a 3 song EP from NYCO , just prior to their full "Realize" album to be released next month.

By popular demand 5inch is now making the art on all of our disks available for licensing. You can use it to apply it to any product, just like we do on our discs, like "Apocalypse" shown above. On each product you will see a "License This Design" link. Questions?

From our other company, 5inch comes these Digital Vinyl CD-R 25pk Spindle. Actual vinyl discs, just like a real record. You can feel the grooves with your fingers! Retro design with the performance of optical technology.