September starts off with a bang by offering Wood Type Impressions, V1 by Without Walls. A stunning collection of 250 high-resolution Wood Type images. Fonts include Forma Solid, a two weight font by Rui Abreu, A two weight font called Holierthanthou and a four weight font called Elephantmen, both by Comicraft, A very decorative font called Pasele by Diego Negrete Olmedo and Planto, a set of 96 dingbats by Cadson Demak.

The Woodtype Impressions Volue 1 package contains 250 Hi-Resolution, 300 dpi Grayscale bitmap Tiff images, suitable for use in any Image Editing Program (like Adobe Photoshop).

Loving the textural beauty and allure of antique Wood Type, Mark from Without Walls wanted to make available an easy to use, Hi-Res Digital Toolkit for today's artists and designers. From it's Classical uses in posters and broadsheets, to the visual delights of the Modernist Avant-Garde, Wood Type has a charm all its own. Have fun! Go & Play! It's all about the textures. Digital fonts won't make this good an impression!