The last month of 2010 includes a very special "Dark Age Collection" from Identikal and contains the official fonts from the new Dark Age graphic novel, which you'll automatically receive for free directly from the publisher. Also featured is the Elephantmen Special Volume from Comicraft, Dieppe and Dreamer also from Identikal, Hopeless Diamond from Virus, That by Tomi Haaparanta, Adroit from URW, Absinthe by Rian Hughes, Cleo by Iza W, Ice Flowers by Kapitza and 5inch's "Lights" CDR, as well as Memowheel, the perfect gift by Jakob Straub.

Lastly, be sure to check out “The Daily Face” which features a selected font family at a 26% discount, and is exclusively offered five days a week via our Facebook and @T26 twitter feed. Follow us to see the announcements, which will be posted each day at noon (US Central time).

This collection contains the official fonts from the Dark Age graphic novel. Buy the collection today and you'll automatically receive a copy of Dark Age, mailed to you directly by the publisher.

The 5inch 700mb "Lights" CDR is perfect for passing along this holiday season's memories, whether they be music or photos. Some of the bulbs on this disc (the ones that look "grey") knock out to the silver of the disc, giving it a "sparkling" feeling when the light hits it. Its silk-screened in 4-colors and a 10pk is only $6.25.