Letterparts, Stick Set

Ron and Joe


Now Available as a same day download here.

The listing below is for a physical DVD shipment.

What are Letter Parts? Simple. A bunch of letters that have been either found or created by us, Ron and Joe. The images are perfect for print or web. A complete uppercase alphabet, including numbers and punctuation, constructed from Birch tree twigs. Use as initial caps or string a few together to create natural looking words and headlines. Most characters are supplied in three forms, with drop shadow, cast shadow or on torn paper. Plus, each file contains embedded paths for easy modification/outlining. Best of all, the 121 images are supplied in both high- and low-resolution versions and are royalty-free.

CD ONLY: Due to the size of the image files, they are only available on shipped CDs. When you purchase these sets, you will be not be able to download the images.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These are NOT keyable fonts, they are raster images. Each letterform or shape will need to be hand set and composed.