T26 Webfonts

We're also busy getting our WEBFONTS online, but for now, just contact us and we'll assist you.

Energize your website with T26 Webfonts! No more relying on a handful of tired browser fonts, or on static images of the typefaces you need. Now you can personalize and perfect your website using live, search-friendly type. Select from a range of licensing options. Get exactly what works best for you, at a good price. Here are the options you can choose from.

Embedding Plan Monthly Total Pageviews Option 1Annual Web License Extension Option 2Lifetime Web License Extension
Personal 100,000 +$12 +$6 per additional style +$29 +$15 per additional style
Standard 500,000 +$19 +$9 per additional style +$49 +$19 per additional style
Enhanced 1,000,000 +$39 +$19 per additional style +$99 +$39 per additional style
Ultra 2,000,000 +$59 +$29 per additional style +$149 +$49 per additional style
Enterprise Unlimited +$79 +$39 per additional style +$179 +$59 per additional style

You can embed the webfonts on up to five web domains, but you must directly own all of the domains.

Their combined monthly pageviews must also remain within your package limit.

The Annual option offers flexibility and affordability.

The additional price is for extra fonts in the same family.

We'll contact you when it's time to renew your license.

The Lifetime option provides maximum longterm value.

The license fee is paid once. (If your usage increases at a later time, you get full credit for what you've already paid.)


T26 Webfonts are available as an extension to our Basic (Desktop) License. If you've already purchased a Basic License for a particular font, you can now add a Webfont Extension for it. You can also purchase a Web Extension and Basic License at the same time.

We're working on an automated system for Webfonts. In the meantime, place your Basic font order online at t26.com. Then contact us with 1) your order number; 2) the particular fonts you'd like to license for web; 3) the Web Licensing package you need (from the table above); and 4) if you prefer to self-host the fonts or use Typekit (see HOSTING OPTIONS, below). We will add the Web Extension to your original order and send you the webfonts.


The T26 Web Embedding Extension includes access to WOFF, EOT and SVG font formats; in other words, everything you need to support recent versions of Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc. Along with the fonts, you’ll receive HTML code that will make it easy to embed them on your web pages. Please note that font rendering varies from browser to browser. Fonts may display lighter or darker depending on the browser being used, and this is beyond the control of the fonts.


Choose between an Annual subscription; ideal if you don't expect to use a font on your site for the long term. Or, get a Lifetime License and you can continue to use the fonts online indefinitely. Both options are affordable and offer generous pageview tiers, and deployment on up to five domains, so you have room to grow. Adding more domains is also possible.


We offer two ways to use T26 Webfonts: Place them directly on your own server, or have Typekit host the webfonts for you. You'll receive step-by-step instructions with your webfonts. For Typekit hosting, you may need a paid Typekit account if your usage level is above their most basic package.


T26 Webfonts are optimized for all major browsers. Please keep in mind that not all fonts are ideal for the web, even when optimized. Fonts with light strokes, delicate details or textures might not hold up as well as fonts with simpler and more robust construction. As mentioned above, every browser handles font rendering differently. This means that 100% consistency is not possible across all browsers. Thankfully, the rendering differences tend to be a small... but just enough that it's worth mentioning.


Contact us if you have unique font needs that would benefit from custom licensing. We can accommodate just about any licensing scenario, including OEM projects, and we'll be happy to build a custom package for you.


The T26 Webfont Extension requires that you employ .htaccess password protection to ensure font files can’t be taken by others from your server. If possible, also place your webfont directory outside of of your sites’ public folder. We'll send you the details for this. If you choose to have Typekit host the fonts, you don't need to worry about these security requirements.