Licensing Terms

The T26 End User License Agreement (EULA) in conjunction with your purchase confirmation govern your allowed use of any T26 font or EPS Set in your possession. You should familiarize yourself with the EULA prior to any use of our products, but we have outlined some key issues in layman's terms below.

CPU Coverage

Our base license allows you to install your T26 font or EPS Set on up to 10 computers. Our online checkout system will calculate an Extended User License at a rate of 5% per additional CPU over 10 based on the number you enter in the quantity/CPU field. We trust that this automated feature will encourage you to purchase the appropriate extended license for your workgroup's needs.

Embedding Fonts

You may embed T26 fonts in documents intended for private or internal business use with VIEWING and PRINTING PERMISSIONS ONLY.

You may NOT embed T26 fonts in the following without an Embedding License:

  • HTML web pages
  • As Dynamic Text in Macromedia Flash/Shockwave movies
  • CD-ROM or Video Game Console applications
  • Publicly available PDF documents
  • E-books

Third-Party Printing Bureaus

You may furnish copies of your T26 fonts to your printing bureau for outputting your work. They may not archive the fonts when your project is complete.

Dingbat Use

You may NOT print, engrave, or otherwise render any dingbat or isolated glyph (character) on any product intended for resale without the arrangement of a Commercial Product License. For example, you may NOT print t-shirts bearing a dingbat element, or press a line of rubberstamps bearing single characters from any font, without purchasing a Commercial Product License.

Logo Designs

You may NOT incorporate any dingbat or isolated glyph in the design of a logo or trademark without purchasing a Trademark Design License. You MAY design a logotype (a logo consisting of a word or more than one character) without the requirement of a Trademark Design License.

Any Questions?

Please review our EULA for detailed information regarding any of our licensing policies. Please contact us if you have licensing questions or if you would like to request an Extended License