T26 is Springtime Fresh!
   Winter saw many T26 type designers hard at work, rethinking old designs and finding inspiration for new ones. It's April, and these fonts are ready to spread their little terminals and take flight.
   In with the new! Hailing from Puebla, Mexico, José Luis Coyotl Mixcoatl joins us with "El Chamuco," a geometric blackletter inspiration. More to come from this energetic hombre!
   In the regenerative spirit, a few of our most successful traditional designs have been given new life. The mighty Chank Diesel expands his soon-to-be classic "Venis" with SmallCaps to make it a full-fledged letterpressing dream.
   Gabór Kóthay is also on the SmallCaps trail, adding them to his "Minerva Modern" set. His original all-caps Minerva family has been bolstered with a deconstuctivist "Antiqua Alternate" variant, and I have personally revisited the metrics in the original 3 weights for a new and improved "Minerva Display" set. Two more hairline headlines - the art deco "Laureate" and the regal "Pelso" - round out Gabór's April tidings.
   Thai T26 delegate, Anuthin Wongsunkakon delivers "Board," a high-res modular style constructed on a complex grid of diamonds and triangles. This one is best printed and set at super-large sizes to make the most of the details; every corner has nicely rounded edges.

   Finnish designer, Tomi Haaparanta has revisited his "Target" font family and has returned with a four weight alternate set, as well as an overhauled original set. A true T26 classic, "Target" is certainly a hidden hot spot worth going back to again and again.
   Neil Summerour has been toiling for a number of months on a recut of his sans masterpiece, and at long last "Aaux Pro" is born. This 38 font set is a fully blossoming sans-serif legacy. Based on his original 8 weight Aaux family, "Aaux Pro" features recut numerals and improved metrics by yours truly, Old Style Figure variants (only available in the 'Complete', 'A' and 'B' sets), new SmallCaps, improved true italics, elegant optical adjustments across the family, and two headline weights: Ultra and Poster. During the month of April, order "Aaux Pro Complete" on a CD and receive a FREE AAUX T-SHIRT!
   Change is good, especially when it's for the better! We've added a function to our website which allows you to view the font releases from previous months. When you view the initial page of the FONTS section, notice the "FONT SHOWCASES" list in the right column. The monthly updates are there, and we're working on some special editions as well, so keep an eye out.
Silas Dilworth
T26 Font Slinger














AauxProA:$79 AauxProB:$79