New Stuff from T26 Plebe and Alumni:
    Jamie Stolarski of San Antonio, Texas, joins the T26 roster with his rough and rugged headline face "Mammoth" - thawed and ready to stampede like a hip-hop thumping SUV.
    Hungarian T26 veteran Amondó Szegi (Iskola, Alien Ornaments, Glosso) yet again breathes life into the old with "Melico". More curves and curls than Scarlett Johansson on Oscar night!
    Hamburg based Daniel Janssen (Emily, Engel) brings us the op-art styled "KAA". Out of the Jungle Book and onto the runway! (Beware... this font needs some room for all its delicate line patterns. Highly recommended for print.)
    Londoner, Lee Fasciani (Duty, Napier, Jones) keeps the hits coming with "Paggio", a headline family inspired by waiting for the train in Rimini, Italy, and the sleek and futuristic "Astro".
    Globe-trotting German and former T26 staffer, Jakob Straub (DPI, Jakone, Hive) has adapted his "Diphtong" family to the 10 pixel world of web text... "Diphtong Pixel" is Flash ready and even includes bitmapped obliques!
    Rounding up the March releases, another prolific Hungarian, Gabór Kóthay (Bacchus, Minerva, Alphabet) brings us two of a new body of hairline typefaces - "Gnosis" and "Oceanus". They look fabulous in print!
Silas Dilworth
T26 Soothsayer