Frequently Asked Questions

What does "T26" stand for?

The "T" represents "type" or "typography", and "26" is the number of letters in the (Western Latin) alphabet.

Why pay for fonts when some are free.

Members of the graphic design community and the educated and informed community understand the nature of quality digital typography, the talent it takes to construct a typeface family and the amount of time involved in this craft. To financially support the creation of typography simply means that you are helping to keep this sector alive and in doing so, are insuring the continued future releases of typeface choices.

How do you come up with all these wonderful typefaces?

We do marvel at the vast universe of type from time to time. 'Tis not unlike pondering the number of pixel fonts arranged by the stars in the night sky, or the endless, shifting, wild-style burner apparitions in a cumulonimbus formation. But unlike the mysteries of the celestial canopy, T26 owes its fountain of creativity to the countless designers worldwide who submit their prized creations. Aim high.

What font is used thru out T26 website?

The primary fonts used of our site are Azo Sans Light and Duty Heavy.

Whatever happened to the script Jim Marcus font "Aquiline"?

While it's true that Aquiline was on hiatus for a while, it has now been refreshed and has a new name. Aquiline Master is available here...

How is T26 related to Segura Inc?

T26 Digital Type Foundry was established by Carlos Segura in 1994 to promote the development, promotion, and distribution of independent type design.