Windows Font Installation


TrueType Font (.TTF files)
The TrueType font file contains all outline, bitmap and metrics information for the font. In the Windows environment, this format is recommended for common usage, while PostScript fonts may be required for output to high-end devices that printing bureaus use.
PostScript Type 1 Font:
Adobe's PostScript Type 1 fonts are the original format used for type display on all PostScript printers and high end output devices. It is recommended that you use PostScript fonts when your project will be outputted by a printing bureau. PostScript fonts for the PC are packaged in two separate files: the .PFM and .PFB files.
.PFM (Outline/Printer File)
This file contains the detailed vector outlines for each glyph in a font. It is used to produce crisp, clear type on-screen or in print.
.PFB (Bitmap/Screen File)
This file is for displaying a font at a specific point size on your computer screen, and contains metrics information such as kerning and spacing.

Installing Your Fonts in Windows XP

  1. From the 'Start' menu select 'Control Panel' and then select the 'Appearance and Themes' category.

  2. Select 'Fonts' from the 'See Also' panel at the left of this screen.

  3. On the 'File' menu, select 'Install New Font...'

  4. Click the drive and folder that contain the fonts you want to add.

  5. To select more than one font to add, press and hold down the CTRL key, click the fonts you want, then click on 'OK'.