Our features this October include New Bayreuth, Behrensschrift and Ganz Grobe Gotisch by URW, Dot Script and Cantina by Ray Cruz, Cranach by ProFont and URW, Rugged Rock by Comicraft, and Four Seasons by Coto Mendoza and Luciano Vergara.

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Back in 2001, T26 was honored by the Tokyo Type Directors Club with a Bronze Prize for the T26 Newspaper series of promotional materials for the foundry, some of which included the D-Set, Alias, Identikal and Anytime, among others. It now featured in the new The Tokyo Type Directors Club's TDC 1000 book which features projects that received a Tokyo TDC Annual Awards and celebrates the 25th anniversary of the organization.

We've been extremely fortunate to have won several awards, but the The Tokyo Type Directors Club has always been one of our favorites and feel quite humbled to have received a few and be in this book.

The Tokyo Type Directors Club (Tokyo TDC) marked its 25th anniversary in December 2012. Commemorating the anniversary, they have published TDC 1000, a 1,024 page book encompassing artwork that received a Tokyo TDC Annual Awards.

This very special paperback book will be available initially at 30 book stores in Tokyo, without a wholesale bookseller.

A Digital book will also be sold through BCCKS, kobo, Reader Store, Amazon, BookLive!, BookPlace, Kinokuniya BookWebPlus, Seven Net Shopping, Yahoo! Japan Book Store, Neowing, Bitway, ConTenDo, LISMO Book Store, dmarket Book Store, SoftBank Book Store, and Galapagos Store

It seems that these days most car names consist of a mix of random numbers and letters, and most are set in standard san-serif typefaces, but it wasn't always this way. So on a beautiful Saturday in September 2013, cartype.com went to the Berwyn Car Show on US Route 66 and ended up with this nice gallery of logos emblems and plaques from the collection of vehicles at this show. Here is a little treat for you type lovers!