Custom Font FAQ

So, you've searched the T26 library and couldn't find the perfect font. Not to worry — let our Custom Font services work for you. Here are some answers to common questions you may have.

How much do you charge for a custom font?

Our pricing depends largely on the time involved and your desired results. Other factors such as the style of font and desired texture or treatments will also figure into our estimate.

There are four common scenarios of custom font creation. From least to most labor intensive, we can:

  • Modify an existing T26 font, or third-party font (special licensing required)
  • Create a font from your digital artwork
  • Digitize your original, physical artwork
  • Create a font from scratch.

What do you need to get started?

  • If you wish to have an existing font customized, you must provide us with detailed instructions and examples regarding what you would like modified. If you would have us customize a font from another foundry, you must first be granted the rights to do so, which we can also arrange for an additional fee.
  • If you have digital art that you would like to have made into a font, black and white vector art is preferred, but we can also work from high-resolution, high-contrast grayscale TIFs.
  • If you want us to digitize original, physical artwork, we will require such material to evaluate the difficulty of digital conversion and arrange for it to be scanned. (It should be high-contrast, black and white inked drawings.)
  • If you want us to create a custom font from scratch, you should provide us with some examples and guidelines to work from.

Please Note: The more specific you are in describing your needs, the easier it is for us to estimate pricing and time considerations. We would greatly appreciate visual illustrations of your desired results, and we can always discuss your needs further by phone.

Would I own the custom font?

You would hold exclusive usage and distribution rights only if the font is created from your original design. T26 would not redistribute it in any way. For customized versions of existing fonts, you would be granted exclusive usage rights, but would NOT hold any redistribution rights whatsoever.

Can you make a font from a certain typographic specimen?

Be aware that the design may already exist in digital form and therefore be protected by copyright. Any copyright infringement would be your legal responsibility. If you found the specimen in a book, please contact the book’s author or publisher regarding the matter and secure legal documentation allowing us to digitize it. If you already hold the rights to the specimen, we would be quite happy to revive it in digital form!

Can I just buy exclusive rights to an existing T26 font?

No. The fonts in the T26 library must remain publicly licensable.

Can I buy a license to one of the fonts in the Custom Font Portfolio?

No. The respective clients hold exclusive rights to the fonts in our Custom Font Portfolio.