Frequently Asked Questions

What does "T-26" stand for?
The "T" stands for "type" or "typography", and "26" is the number of letters in the (Western Latin) alphabet.
Do people really pay money for fonts? I just get mine from free sites.
Yes, people do pay for fonts. These upstanding citizens of the graphic design community understand the splendid nature of quality digital typography and are willing and able to financially support the exemplary vision we at T26 strive to advance.
My, my, my. How do you come up with all these wonderful typefaces? Your stylistic gamut is wide as the heavens, and truly, there's a T26 font for every project under the sun!
Ah, yes. We do marvel at the vast universe of type from time to time. 'Tis not unlike pondering the number of pixel fonts arranged by the stars in the night sky, or the endless, shifting, wild-style burner apparitions in a cumulonimbus formation. But unlike the mysteries of the celestial canopy, T26 owes its fount of creativity to the countless designers worldwide who submit their prized creations. Aim high.
What font is used on the navigation buttons on the top of the T26 website?
That's Aurea Ultra Italic.
What font is used in the T26 heart logo on the top of the T26 website?
That's a customization of Luggage Heavy.
Whatever happened to that old, scripty Jim Marcus font "Aquiline"? I need to make my daughter's wedding invitations.
While it's true that Aquiline was on hiatus for a while — ok, several years — it has returned!