Mac Font Installation


PostScript Type 1 Font
PostScript is a programming language developed by Adobe optimized for printing graphics and text. Adobe PostScript Type 1 fonts are a specialized form of PostScript program and are the original file format used for type display on all PostScript printers and high end output devices.
Outline/Printer File
This file contains the detailed vector outlines for each glyph in a font. It is used to produce crisp, clear type on-screen or in print. This file must always reside in the same place as the accompanying Bitmap Suitcase.
Bitmap Suitcase
This is a specialized "folder" for packaging Bitmap/Screen files. You should never remove the bitmap files from the suitcase nor put anything else inside the suitcase!
Bitmap/Screen File
This file remains in the font's Bitmap Suitcase. It is used to display the font at a specific point size on your computer screen, and provides metrics information such as kerning and spacing. Again: you should never remove the bitmap files from the suitcase!

Installing Your Fonts in Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger"


Font management in Mac OS X is most often handled through the Font Book. You'll find it in your computer's Applications folder. For more information on using the Font Book, check out this Apple support page.

For the most current information on using fonts in Mac OS X, refer to Apple's support website at