Photo Wood Type 2

Without Walls

Serif Fonts & Ornaments

Loving the textural beauty and allure of antique Wood Type, I wanted to make available an easy to use, Hi-Res Digital Toolkit for today's artists and designers. From it's Classical uses in posters and broadsheets, to the visual delights of the Modernist Avant-Garde, Wood Type has a charm all its own. Have fun! Go & Play! It's all about the textures. Digital fonts won't make this good an impression!

IMPORTANT NOTE: These are NOT keyable fonts. They are all IMAGES made from high resolution, digital photographs of actual, wood type letterforms and printer's ornament. You CANNOT TYPE with them. Each letterform or ornament will need to be hand set one piece at a time... much like using real wood type! They are intended to be used primarily to make display type in an image editing program like Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro.


• 34 Hi-Resolution (300 dpi), Layered, RGB Photoshop Files (PSD), suitable for use in any Image Editing Program.

Each letterform or piece of ornament was individually photographed in high resolution, color corrected and optimized. Each was then silhouetted from it's background, rotated and straightened. These letterforms were reassembled back into single Photoshop files (without drop shadows) to match with the printed image sets previously released as Wood Type Impressions, Volume 2.

These two products were made from the same set of original wooden letterforms. They correspond to one another and can be used alone or in combination. Each PSD contains at least two layers, featuring the letterforms themselves as well as the backs of some of the blocks to be used as fillers and spacers. Just cut and paste them into your favorite image editing program. Use layers and layer styles to compose, arrange or otherwise effect them.


• 11 Complete, Hi-Res (300 dpi), bitmap Wood Type fonts.

• 12 Mixed, Hi-Res (300 dpi), bitmap Wood Type samplers.

• 4 Partial, Hi-Res (300 dpi), bitmap Wood Type fonts.

NOTE: The original wood type letter forms range in size from approximately 1" to 4". There are a few that are larger and some lowercase letters are 1/2" high or so, but the majority of the original wooden letters are in the 2" to 4" range. At 300 dpi there should be sufficient resolution in these images to use them for posters and broadsheets.

If for some reason, you might need them larger, we recommend scaling them up 300-400% using Genuine Fractals 5. Photoshop's image scaling routines seem to do a fine job in this range as well.


• 7 Hi-Res (300 dpi), bitmap Wood & Metal Type Ornament samplers.

NOTE: The "Granjon & Zellij Extras" that were included with Wood Type Impressions Volume 2 are not included in Photo Wood Type Volume 2.

DOWNLOADING: Due to the size of these image files, you will receive separate download links approximately 30 minutes after you order (during our Chicago office hours). You can choose which image groups to download first, so you can start working before the whole set is downloaded.