Font Information

Iza and Paulo W (Intellecta Design) are proud to announce Van den Velde Script. An interpretation of the work of the famous master penman Jan van den Velde, to be found in the "Spieghel der schrijfkonste, in den welcken ghesien worden veelderhande gheschrifften met hare fondementen ende onderrichtinghe. " (Haarlen, 1605).

Van den Velde Script has evocative ancient ligature forms from the XVII Century Dutch master penman Jan van den Velde. Van den Velde is rightly credited with having introduced and perfected a new trend in Dutch calligraphy. Our font, Van den Velde Script merges modern necessities and better legibility without losing the taste of his archaic origins. This enhanced OpenType version is a complete solution for producing documents and artworks with an evocative and voluptuous style of calligraphic script.

Van den Velde Script has original letters designed by Iza W and overall creative direction plus core programming by Paulo W.