Font Information

Short Films is an all-new-styled family, which kind of looks like Art Deco Style.

Wide opened counters and softly rounded bowls create a new feeling – Retro but futuristic, geometric but humanistic. Exquisite contrast between thin and bold parts of glyphs make mixed feeling – Pop and feminine, formal and casual, strong and soft.

The most distinctive feature is a coexistence of decorativeness and Readability. This coexistence expands the range of font usage. You can use this font for not only titling but also body-text.

Short Films consists of 6 weights and their matching Italics for a wide range of usages. Further, Short Films supports international Latin languages and basic Cyrillic languages including Basic Latin, Western Europe, Central and South-Eastern Europe. Also, Short Films covers Mac Roman, Windows1252, Adobe1 to 3. This wide range of international characters expands the capability of your works.