Font Information

Codeline Mono is a friendly monospaced typeface designed to appear more modern, softer and less formal than the usually robotic and strict mono typefaces. Unique and highly versatile, this family includes over 400 glyphs in each of its twelve styles (six weights and six obliques).

The family provides a more comfortable and easy-going alternative for use cases where a monospace font is needed, but doesn’t necessarily reveal its technical origins at first glance, thus creating an ease of reading not commonly found in mono typefaces. This duality makes it a perfect fit for other uses in the role of a uniquely technical yet remarkably breathable display font.

While great at all the typical mono use cases related to computer programming, Codeline's individual letters don't appear strained to fit into the same bounding boxes. Each letter uses them instead to show that a palette of a few simple yet quirky details (mixed & matched in unique ways) can ensure each letter gets a special character while also fitting in well with the other ones to create a harmonized set.

The character set implemented in Codeline Mono ensures full support for over 100 languages by including an extensive list of localized forms, precomposed accented letters and modifiers.